Testimonial From Larry Perez - Owner of All Natural Stone - 3 Showrooms located in Northern California. A Landmark Dealer since 2005. Larry's comment: "The best vendor we have!" (May 1, 2013)
Forward-thinking A company that does not rest on its laurels, Landmark stays ahead of the trends, continues to evolve, develops new ideas, reinvents products and refines processes in pursuit of something more.
Testimonial From Michelle Budai - Windsor, NJ. "Creative Ceramic Tile has been a dealer for Landmark Metalcoat since their conception. We have beautified the homes & businesses of many satisfied customers. A unique, durable & stunning product!" (4-30-2013)
Uncompromising A confident refusal to accept anything but the highest standards of excellence in design, application and finish.
Testimonial Maria Previti - Portico Tile, Huntington Station, NY. Dealer since 2005. "We have used Landmark for kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, fireplace surrounds and any other space that can be tiled! We love the traditional designs as well as the edgy modern products." (8-20-13)
Artistic Humans cannot thrive on function alone. Artistry and beauty are among the intangibles for which the soul hungers. With this in mind, each piece Landmark creates is meticulously wrought and handcrafted.
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